• PoTV and it's administrators or moderators assume absolutely no responsibility financially or legally, if a Group Buy goes wrong.
  • PoTV and Group Buy Organisers accept no liability if items are seized or held by UK Customs or by the shipping parties country.
  • You acknowledge by participating in a group buy that your items could be seized at Customs therefore resulting in a total loss.
  • The Organiser of a Group Buy is in no way responsible for any postage delays, international or national.
  • Organisers of the Group Buys are NOT vendors, they assume no responsibility for original warranties or assurances by the seller.
  • Organisers agree to complete the Group Buy once a participant's items have been received.
  • Participants agree to devise fair and agreeable terms and conditions. 


If you wish to see amendments made to this disclaimer, please submit a NEW TICKET.


  • Listings must contain all relevant information about the item(s) being bought
    • Description of the item including photographs
    • ALL costs including purchase price, postage, import, tax
    • An END date (this will be the date that no more members can participate)
    • A PURCHASE date (this will be the date the Group Buy organiser will purchase the item(s))
    • Any terms and conditions for participation
  • Organisers will provide timely updates as to the status of the Group Buy, including transit updates