The definition of Reviewer has become somewhat blurred over the past year or so, and has come to mean "anyone who writes or makes a video review". Unfortunately, this was never the intended application of the title.As the forum continues to grow, a decision has been made to create a clear definition of "Reviewer" and it is given to assist members before they apply for Reviewer status.

The criteria which must be met to be awarded Reviewer status is as follows:

  • Reviewers produce reviews, either written or by video, on a regular basis of items they have either paid for, or received free of charge.
  • Reviewers may not harass or annoy vendors on the forum or in private messages, seeking cheap or free gear. Any person with a Reviewer title that is reported as doing so, will have their status revoked.
  • If a Reviewer runs a website, we ask that they link back to us.
  • The administrator of the forum reserves the right to withdraw or suspend Reviewer status at any time without giving reason.
  • If a Reviewer has not posted any reviews on the forum in several weeks/months, the title may be removed.

All requests for Reviewer status will be assessed individually, and will be approved solely on the above criteria. No exceptions will be made, and no dialogue will be entered into – other than to acknowledge or decline the application. We acknowledge that there are those members currently listed as Reviewers who will feel aggrieved at losing their title, as they are, quite rightly, proud of their achievement.

Members do not need a Reviewer title to post reviews.

Please submit a support ticket to apply for reviewer status.