The position of “Mod Maker” is similar to that of “Vendor”, and rules governing posting on the forum etc. are also similar.

The criteria which must be met to be awarded Mod Maker status is as follows:

  • Mod Makers produce mods in a home or small, non-commercial, workshop environment for small-scale or limited run sale on the forum, a dedicated website and/or eBay.
  • If a Mod Maker runs a website, it shall be solely for selling their mods and spare parts for the same (the sale of components for mod making is not permitted). If the website sells any other goods, the member will be required to apply for Vendor status.
  • Mod Makers must advertise their mods for sale on the main forum as well as via their website if one is available etc. Adverts must include photographs and information as well as a link to where purchase can be made, if not available via the forum.
  • In order that the Mod Maker status is maintained, the member must advertise their mods for sale on the forum at least once every six months, and be able to prove that their mods are being sold regularly. This can be in the form of a mod review by a customer on the forum, or another forum.
  • Mod Maker items should be promoted in the mod-maker forum only. Self promotional posts outside of the mod-maker forums will be removed.
  • The administrator of the forum reserves the right to withdraw or suspend Mod Maker status at any time without giving reason.

All requests for Mod Maker status will be assessed individually, and will be approved solely on the above criteria. No exceptions will be made, and no dialogue will be entered into – other than to acknowledge or decline the application.