Do not buy pure nicotine and DO NOT link to places where it is sold from the forum

Some of the products on this website contain Nicotine. Nicotine is toxic if swallowed and if it comes into contact with the skin.

Please use and handle Nicotine products with care, and keep locked up out of reach of children. In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical attention immediately and show the label where possible.


Devices have different requirements when it comes to battery rating. Always follow manufacturer instructions. If it says only use IMR batteries- take the warning seriously.
Use Li-Mn cells, or protected Li-ion cells.

Make sure the C rating on your battery is at least 2 amps (2,000mA)

Don’t overcharge. Even if your charger has protection against overcharging- it could fail.

Stacking batteries

Stacking batteries is never suggested.

Stacking improper batteries can place a strain on the battery cell and cause venting and/or explosion. When stacking batteries, the risk goes up.

If you decide to ignore the above warning, do NOT ignore the following tips:

  • Never stack an old and new battery together.

  • Never use a damaged battery.

  • Test your batteries after charge to make sure they aren’t overcharged.

  • Test your batteries after charge and then a rest for a couple days. Make sure they are holding the charge.

  • Always use a protected battery.

  • High drain devices should use an IMR battery.

We recommend the use of a charging bag when charging batteries to limit the risk of fire and explosion.