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"This is a personal review of a vendor/retailer that I have conducted a business transaction with. The following information reflects a true representation of the transaction between myself and the company identified. The opinions expressed, represent my own and not those of this website, By posting this review I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out by the Planet of the Vapes website."

Vendor/Seller/Mod Maker Review Rules

Vendor/Seller/Mod Maker reviews often help the community decide where they would like to spend their pennies. However, some reviews aren't always positive and vapers like to know about bad experiences as well as the good ones.

PotV must adhere to certain UK laws and can not allow defamatory reviews about any vendor or seller. However, negative reviews that respect current UK laws in regards to defamation, slander and libel, may be considered for approval.

In the event of a bad transaction, the following steps must be taken prior to writing a negative review on this forum:

  • The vendor must be contacted and made aware of any issue you may be experiencing, via email, telephone, or in writing. Please make note of dates, times and form of contact.

  • The vendor must be given a reasonable amount of time to address your issues and respond accordingly. This should be detailed somewhere on their website in regards to their Returns policies.

  • If, within that reasonable amount of time, they have not addressed the problem by issuing a refund, replacement or another suitable arrangement, you may post a review. Because a company's resolution times may differ, PotV requests that you wait 7 business days from the time you notified the company of your issue, before posting your review to the forum.

  • All reviews must state the name of the vendor/seller/mod maker that the review is about in the thread title.

Negative reviews will not be open to discussion by the rest of the forum membership. Only the company identified will be able to respond to your complaint. Companies must contact the Forum Administration before being able to respond to the issue at hand.

At no time will you be allowed to copy and paste emails or private messages between yourself and the company on the forum. Communications between yourself and the company are for all purposes, considered confidential.

Negative reviews may not contain slanderous or libelous claims of any nature. Defamatory reviews will be automatically deleted without explanation.

Reviews must be written in a professional manner. Swearing and name calling will not be permitted.

  • Negative reviews must be started in a new thread in the Negative Review subforum.

  • Negatives left in a positive thread will be removed without explanation.

  • Please do not post a negative review in a positive review thread in order to bypass these rules.

  • Any negative review posted on the forum other than in the Vendor/Seller/Mod Maker review section will be deleted without explanation.

For more information about applicable UK Law, please visit this link.

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