Moderators on PotV use a private system to keep track of rule violations and discuss issues that arise on the forum. 

Moderators may issue warnings, infractions or bans (Temporary or Permanent) depending on the nature of a forum member's behaviour. Warnings will be issued when rules have been violated and are not yet serious enough for an infraction or a ban.

Infractions are designed to give the member a "Cooling Off" period. The issuance of a warning or infraction is completely up to the moderator who deals with the offending action. If you feel an infraction or warning is unwarranted, please contact a member of the Admin team so that a resolution can be discussed. 

Infractions can lead to bans. 

We will NOT delete accounts or all posts by a member

Please refrain from telling us how to run PoTV. We are open to suggestions and are more likely to accommodate suggestions if they are brought to us without confrontation.

If you see something you feel violates the rules or spirit of the forum please report the post using the report button that is at the bottom left of every post.