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  • Vendors are only allowed to advertise their products in their forum or specified threads in vendor section. Please do not post reviews about your company/product. Ask the reviewer to come post them for you.

  • DO NOT USE THE PM SYSTEM to garner sales or advertise sales, regardless if you are a Vendor. Member with a Special Title or Regular Member. You may not use the PM system to defame, slander, or libel this website, or any other.

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  • Do NOT promote your own forum, Facebook group or other vaping community on POTV.  

  • Do NOT use the site simply to enter competitions.  Forum members who post only in the competitions sections and do not join in elsewhere will be removed from the forum.

  • Do NOT contact the vendors on the site offering to review items for them.  If a vendor contacts you asking you to review items for you then this is fine but unsolicited approaches to vendors asking to review items will result in your account being removed from the forum.

  • We love debates! Debate respectfully. Don't egg things on to get a reaction, if someone is obviously not taking the bait, shut up and move on. No one wants to get into fights and they benefit no one.

  • Flame wars are silly. While you might not like how one forum or website is ran, you have a choice to NOT visit said forum or website. The majority of members at PoTV are not interested in "forum wars", "mud slinging", or calling names. Usually, if you are trying to incite this kind of negativity, it will be ignored or drowned out with jokes and laughter. Don't be surprised to see monkeys hanging from your blinds the following morning throwing bananas either. Flame wars can quickly get out of hand, threads will be locked and/or deleted that are on their way to reaching the "boiling point."

  • Planet Of The Vapes Administration team will not get involved in disputes between vendors.

  • If you are borrowing information from any source found on the web that is NOT your own creative content, you must give credit where it is due and a link back if possible to the original source of information.

  • Please only have a single account. If you are locked out of your old account and need to sign up with a new account, please create a new ticket in the Support Desk so they can merge your two accounts together. People with more than 1 account per IP may be subject to a ban. This is waived in instances where there is more than one person from a single household using our forum such as a husband and wife, siblings, roommates, etc.

  • PROFILES & SIGNATURES Do not advertise your non-vaping related business URL. Please keep your signatures simple. Links to vaping or non vaping websites may be removed without explanation. Members may not link to a vendors website in their signature.

  • Restricted Forums that require a minimum post count or verification. You will need a certain amount of posts or become a verified member before these forums are accessible by new users.

  • NO SALES/TRADES/WANTED ads on the general forum, Ads posted on the general forum will be deleted.  This includes posts containing affiliate links or links to sites in your control that contain affiliate links.

Respect the Admin and Mod team. They are here to keep the forum running smoothly. Do not harass or intentionally annoy the Admin and Mod members. Do not use email or private messages in order to harass or annoy the Admin and Mod members.

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  • Please refrain from telling us how to run PoTV.

  • Do not be a backseat moderator. If you see something you feel is "naughty" report the post/thread and let us handle it.

If you are at an absolute end and can find no other reason to be at PoTV other than to be a party pooper, a negative nancy or just a plain old troublemaker, please click log out and leave. We really don't want to ban you, but we would like you to exercise some self-control and remove yourself when you don't want to be here.

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